Push Health Reviews 2022

Push Health Reviews

Push Health is a platform that allows doctors and patients to connect online. Rather than providing services (as most telehealth companies do), Push just provides a secure internet interface for doctors to offer virtual visits with current patients.


It was created to make medical care easier for doctors, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, and patients by providing seamless transactions. Patients do not need to have medical insurance to use the platform, and the services are priced fairly and transparently.




No software to install & no hardware to buy. Push Health is built for patient networks as small as family & friends, or as large as your private practice.



You’ve worked hard for your medical license, so practice how you want. Invite who you want. Charge what you want.

Designed for mobile use, Push Health notifies you when a patient has a need, so you can practice on the go.



Easily document virtual encounters and add progress notes & comments.

Send secure messages to clients without sharing your personal contact information.

Give patients the access they want with the privacy you need.



All you need is a patient’s email address to send an Rx or lab order securely.

Sign up and get a fully integrated Quest Diagnostics account with prenegotiated volume pricing for your patients. No paperwork or monthly invoices from Quest Diagnostics means more time for you.



Push Health makes it easy to charge or waive a professional fee for your service.

Patients can pay via PayPal, any major credit, debit, or HSA card.

No insurance billing means you get paid quickly and easily.



Push Health is HIPAA compliant and built with bank-level security and encryption.

While doing this is complex, using Push Health is not. Absolutely no training required. 



Push Health makes it easy to request medical care when you need it, where you need it.

Automated notifications for prescriptions and lab results helps put your mind at ease.



Push Health is invite-only.

You can send a secure message to your trusted medical provider when you have a need.



Push Health is 100% transparent. All fees are clearly displayed before you approve any service.

Payment is simple with PayPal, a major credit / debit card, or a Health Savings Account.



Your medical provider works hard to provide great care. Some may charge a fee, while others may choose to waive or even donate their fee.

The bottom line is great health care doesn’t require insurance, and what you pay is always clear.



Nobody likes to be trapped in a hospital, and neither do your health records.

Access your prescription information, lab results, and secure messages anytime from any device.



Push Health is integrated with the largest US lab company, Quest Diagnostics, to deliver seamless access to top quality lab testing at affordable prices.

Order from your phone, visit a local testing center, and get your secure results through Push Health.

Push Health Reviews

“Surprisingly, pretty easy. Got the prescription within 15 minutes and called my pharmacy, and they confirmed receipt with pick-up for later today. Saved me time and money for getting the exact same thing but not charged $200 for a doctor visit three weeks from now.” – push health reviews from trustpilot.com

“I have ordered through Push twice and had amazing experiences both times. Each time I received a response within the hour and the prescriptions were sent to the pharmacy right away. So easy!” – push health reviews from trustpilot.com

What do you like best?

Push Health is a software that users (patients and Medical specialists) can access using a mobile phone.

The software notifies and a health care provider when a client, in this case a patient need some help.

Furthermore, the application has rich information, which individuals can use to get the best health facilities around.


What do you dislike?

Push Health aim is safety, and a healthy population. Other than this, the software has nothing else, and it conducts this task very effectively. Therefore, I can’t stand and speak ill about this application.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

Push Health is a considerable software that brings constant communication between patients and healthcare provider. Again, the program helps in prescription of medics, and helps in dispensing. Furthermore, there is trust building between your clients and your company.


What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Nothing critical like engaging your patients by constant communication. This act is possible when individuals install Push Health in their firms. Other than that, there is adequate need for medical prescription and dispensing.” – push health reviews from g2.com

“The creators of push are modern day hero’s. These physicians care about patients and patient outcomes. They truly provide quality affordable care. I am a registered nurse with insurance but due to the pandemic I have had a very difficult time getting seen for simple things. I recently came down with Covid and could not get a doctors appointment or even get a Kaiser doctor to call me back for 8 days. At my wits end with nothing to lose I signed up for push and talked to a doctor in less than an hour from signing up amd got my medications called in to a pharmacy. Dr. Stephan Phan is kind and cured me from Covid. This app has the capability to change the way we have access to knowledgeable doctors. I believe so strongly in this company and it’s team I will be applying as soon as I am finished with my NP.” – push health reviews from apps.apple.com

“I will say I read the reviews but also listened to my friends that have used the company. I am VERY happy with the companies service and the doctor that matched with me. I used the online service for the initial set up and request the. Used the app for communication. Once I received the email that I was matched I had a response in 5 minutes from that doctor. Was able to get a script and filled and picked up same day. I hope this is the same outcome for you that read this comment / rating.” – push health reviews from apps.apple.com

“so very thankful for the provider I happened to encounter as a new user the other day i needed a service like this until i could get established with a dr office. however there may be times when i will still just choose to go through push instead after my great experience. i was not met with an instant denial! she was obviously understanding- due to my specific medical history, I have a veryyy specific prw6i need when i get certain infection. she also made it convenient for me to have access to refills. i will continue to use push in the future. please continue to employ rational, understanding, and seasoned provider instead of ones who put their paranoia above a patient’s health😊” – push health reviews from facebook.com

“I just want to say Thank you for your help ! Fast, friendly , efficient !!! Best place I have come to for help !!” – push health reviews from facebook.com

“Though I’ve only needed them once the Push Health system, app, doctor and service was excellent. Be sure to watch for replies, read very carefully, and answer quickly. The only problem I had was with my CVS pharmacy which failed to accept the prescription over the weekend but by noon Monday the order was ready to be picked up. Should the need arise, I would definitely use this service again.” – push health reviews from play.google.com


“I have been using Push Health for more than 2 years. I love that the Dr. is local to my state and they work with your local pharmacy. The ease of use of the app is great as well as communication with the staff. They are also very good to make recommendation that fit you and your insurance better. I have used them several times and will use them in the future as well. I highly recommend their service.” – push health reviews from play.google.com



Push Health’s pricing is completely transparent. Patients are not charged to use the platform.


All pricing on the app may differ from one doctor to the next, as providers may establish and charge their own prices. Some doctors, on the other hand, do not collect any fees at all, and some even donate their fees.


Push does charge flat fees to use select services. All fees are displayed before the patient books a service. These fees are generally minimal and less than most health insurance copays.


Patients will never be surprised by bills or charges because all charges are specified before the service or appointment.


Push takes PayPal, credit and debit cards, and HSAs.


The fees for all lab tests are calculated by region and in real-time. Patients always pay lab test fees through the app. You’ll never get a ‘surprise’ bill at a lab. (Source)

Matthew Williamson is a Co-Founder of Push Health | LinkedIn