10 Best Training Pants for Toddlers in USA 2022

Training pants are absorbent pants designed for wearing during potty training. They are imitating the feel of regular underwear, but they are made from more absorbent materials to help with small accident only and are not meant for bigger blowouts.

Potty Training Guide

Training Pants vs Regular Diapers

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Regular diapers are more absorbent, mostly disposable and more difficult for your toddler to pull up and push down on his or her own; they’re typically used before you start potty training or for overnight accidents while toilet training.


While training pants are only moderately absorbent, mostly reusable and washable, making them easier for your toddler to use on his or her own.

When to start using training pants?

Although early training is possible, studies show that many children who begin potty training before 18 months aren’t completely trained until after the age of 4. In contrast, children who don’t start training until around the age of 2 are likely to be fully potty trained before they turn 3.


Girls tend to be ready to potty train a little earlier than boys, but the readiness signs for both boys and girls are the same. (Source)


Cloth Training Pants 

(1-6 years old)

Fabric pants with multiple layers allow your child to feel wet and uncomfortable after an accident while offering some protection from messesMedium Absorbency will vary depending on the number of layers of fabric they use. Often, they’ll absorb only small accidentsMedium They cost about $4 a pair, but are reusable and can be passed down to siblings

Disposable Training Pants 

(2-4 years old)

Pull-ups made from the same materials as diapers with elasticated waists that toddlers can pull up themselvesHigh They contain an absorbent gel to trap any accidents and are often leakproofHigh They may only cost $0.40 a pair, but they’re an expensive choice because they can’t be reused

Waterproof Training Pants 

(0-3 years old)

A thin layer of waterproof nylon, designed to be worn over regular underwearHigh Waterproofing means that all accidents will be trapped, but your child can become sweaty and uncomfortable

Low You can buy them for around $2 a pair and they are reusable


Which type of training pants should i choose?

Your priorities will determine which sort of training pants are ideal for you and your child.

– Fastest potty training: Cloth training pants allow your child to experience the unpleasantness of being wet, which encourages them to potty train more quickly.

– Easiest: Disposable training pants are the simplest to remove and do not require additional laundry.
– Most affordable: Waterproof training pants are inexpensive, reusable.

A. Cloth Training Pants

1. Big Elephant Potty Training Pants for Toddlers with Side Button

Sponsored Ad - BIG ELEPHANT Toddler Side Button Training Underpants - Snaps on Potty Trained Pants for Boys and Girls

– Side Buttons Design:

Thanks for the innovation design makes potty training easier and convenient. Side buttons design allows quick undies change. Snaps are very easy to open and close, please stay snapped tight when being worn.


– 6-Layer Liner:

Multi-layer liner allows small accident, even though big accidents, super absorbent and breathable. When parents really trying to focus on potty training and getting comfortable with the potty, your kids could feel the wetness in their cotton underwear whenever they had an accident. You will feel that this is super important to teach toddlers when they need to go to the potty.


– Avoiding Leakage:

“My little one had an accident and emptied his whole bladder in them and they didn’t leak at all until we were in the bathroom changing him. the inside was very wet and the outside was still dry.” One of our customer said. Yes! You get what you paid for!


– Learn to potty:

Unlike a diaper the moisture is not kept away from baby, so they know they are wet ASAP. So this should help instill the potty training routine.


Care Instruction

Machine washable but hand wash is highly recommended. Wash before use to ensure fabric absorbs properly. Do not use softener or dryer sheets as that affects absorbency.


4.4 out of 5 – more than 1,400 global ratings
Big Elephant Potty Training Pants Reviews
Training underwear are the perfect way for toddlers to gain awareness of being wet and uncomfortable when first starting to potty train. These are thick and absorbent and don’t leak too bad either so not much of a problem with urine dripping on the floor after an accident. The training pants fit our toddler grandson perfectly and were sized correctly. The snaps on the sides are great for poo accidents so it doesn’t get smeared up and down his legs when trying to take them off. They seem comfortable enough for him and he doesn’t pull at them. They washed up well and are holding up well to almost daily washings.

2. MooMoo Baby Training Pants (6 Packs)


– Cotton Fabric:

Outer Material 100% cotton. Inner Material: Cotton + Polyester + TPU. The dinosaur kids training underwear with 100% Cotton have great breathability, will give baby a very comfortable feeling , and it can be worn in all seasons like ordinary pants.


– Absorbent and Breathable:

6 layers in the crotch, these baby training pants are more absorbent than other training underwear. Larger absortbent pad from front to back to help contain more accdeints, giving enough time for parents to help change the training pants for their baby.


– Elastic Waistband:

Covered elastic waistband for comfort and adjustable fit. It is easy to pull up and down too. This Toddlers Nappy pants is washable, suitable for dryer and allow to use many time than traditional diaper. Hold up well and stay vibrant after washes


– 6 Cute Prints:

Coming with 6 cute prints-Dinosaur, car, whale etc. baby can choose their favorite prints every day. your baby will love their “Big boy ” or “Big girl” underwear, which make potty training easy.


– Potty Training:

These pants will not dry completely but let your baby feel moisture and then they will know when should go to toilet and do the potty training. Training underwear are usually not completely waterproof to keep good breathability, reducing suffocation and skin damage. If the amount of urine is large, water/urine leakage may occur. We also guarantee 30 days full-refund. The potty training pants are of great quality, If the product received is unfortunately damaged, please contact us!


4.5 out of 5 – more than 3,050 global ratings
MooMoo Cotton Training Pants Reviews
Very happy with this product and I wish I got it sooner. My son is already potty trained but when he’s excited while playing and running with other kids he occasionally have small accidents or some leakage. Those panties are not only soft and cute but also hold the liquid surprisingly well. I also put those on when we go on longer car trips. One of the reviews mentioned the smell doesn’t go away after wash- I don’t have that problem but I always make sure to rinse it out with water after every accident (before washing it properly with detergent). Overall great product!

3. Gerber Cloth Training Pants for Toddlers

Gerber training pants are ideal for toddlers who want to feel like they’re wearing ‘big girl’ pants while potty training and used when accidents are less frequent.


– Pull On closure

– Made of 100 percent cotton panels with an absorbent interlining

– Covered elastic waistband for increased comfort and ease of pulling up and down

– Durable, washable and reusable for multiple uses


4.7 out of 5 – more than 1,100 global ratings
Gerber Training Pants Reviews
These underpants are perfect for potty training. They’re padded in the pee/poo area so it’s more absorbent if your little one has an accident! Compared to other thin toddler underwear, I would highly recommend starting out with these for training. Accident are less messy to clean up.

4. Disney Potty Training Pants Multipack

Disney Training Pants for Boys (Mickey Mouse)

Disney Training Pants for Girls (Minnie Mouse)


– Pull On closure

– Super soft combed cotton outter shell surrounds the polyester mesh intended to teach you child to acknowledge and act upon small leaks.

– Let their favorite Characters help them gain the confidence to move from diapers to underwear


4.7 out of 5 – more than 8,800 global ratings
Disney Potty Training Pants Reviews

I have purchased twice the Mickey Mouse training pants (3 per package) and my toddler loves them!

– Very well made: The pants are very soft, have extra padding, are true to size and haven’t shrink or discolor after washing.

– Good for potty training: The extra padding helps to hold some of the pee. It holds enough to make the kid aware of the accident but avoids a big disaster (don’t expect the absorption of a diaper).

– Bye-bye diaper, hello undies: The pants are very cute (bright colors and nice prints) and will work as a “big kid” motivator to say “bye-by diaper, hello undies”.

– Now and later: The pants can be used for now (as potty training pants) and later (as underwear)

5. Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants


– Made from a cotton blend fabric, nothing is softer against your child’s skin

– Concealed water resistant layer and inner pad is designed for little accidents

– These pants allow your toddler to feel wetness while minimizing the need for clothing changes

– Promotes independence for your toddler with its pull-up style design

– Machine Washable and can be tumble dried


4 out of 5 – more than 1,550 global ratings
Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants Reviews
I recommend these to everyone. Great for night time potty training. Won’t hold a ton but perfect for little leaks. Washable and saves so much money not having to buy pull-ups.

B. Disposable Training Pants

6. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Boys and Girls


– 360º Stretchy Waistband — for an underwear-like fit that’s easy for your toddler to pull up and down

– Pampers Extra Absorb Channels provide powerful protection against leaks, day and night

– Dual Leak-Guard Barriers prevent leaks where they happen most

– Easy-Tear Sides for lightning-fast changes and comfortable fit

– Super-duper soft material feels like cotton underwear


Pampers Easy Ups Available Sizes

2T–3T (16–34 lb)

3T–4T (30–40 lb)

4T–5T (37+ lb)

5T– 6T (41+ lb)


4.7 out of 5 – more than 18,250 global ratings
Pampers Training Pants Reviews
We LOVE the Pampers Easy Ups! They are so soft and flexible! I love the elastic waste band, it is so stretchy and durable! We have tried two other brands of disposable pull up training diapers and I will only use Pampers Easy Ups now! They are probably the closest thing to big boy underwear! Other brands we have had trouble with the side ripping when pulling them on, the other brands are just not as flexible nor as soft as Pampers Easy Ups!

7. Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants

– Cute Design:

Fun music designs feature exclusive Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse graphics that fade when wet to help your child learn potty training & motivate to stay dry


– Easy to Use:

Refastenable, easy-open sides allow you to customize child’s waistband plus keep clothes on for quick checks & changes. Moreover, their stretchy sides makes it easy for little hands to move up & down easily to promote Big Kid independence.


– Great Absorbency:

Training pants with all-around coverage & underwear like fit, with extra absorbency & leak protection where your child needs it most


4.8 out of 5 – more than 10,800 global ratings
Huggies Pull Ups Traning Pants for Toddlers Reviews
These are the best. My son loves the fun character print on the front and it is easy to see which is the front or back. Perfect for little trainers. I have a 2 year old and he is excited to do things on his own. These work great for potty training. Size is right on and not too snug like some off brands have been. No leaks like I have had with store brands. Soft material is comfortable for my child to run and play in. Simple to remove with tabs when needed.

8. The Honest Company Training Pants


– Underwear-Like Fit:

Super-soft inner and outer layers provide a comfortable, big-kid undies feel that your child will love


– Easily Pulls On + Off:

Soft and stretchy all-around waistband creates a comfortable, flexible fit and makes it easy for your child to use on their own.

– Day and Night Comfort + Protection:

Liquid-locking core and secure-fitting moisture barrier cuffs help prevent leaks to keep your toddler dry — just in case


– Eco-Friendly Materials:

Bio-based core with sustainably harvested fluff pulp and plant-derived materials


4.5 out of 5 – more than 300 global ratings
Honest Training Pants Reviews
We are a cloth diapering family, but with camping, certain high capacity bladders overnight, and other reasons we really need something disposable and Honest Co. is the only brand we trust of disposable diapers. The animals and superheroes are not my favorite print as the colors are a bit harsh, but the diaper units themselves are the same ones we know and love and recommend.

9. Hello Bello Training Pants Club Box

Hello Bello Training Pants are potty trainers reimagined. From the cottony-soft stretchiness to the premium absorbent core to the cute as the dickens designs, get ready for a premium potty training experience. Your wee one is going to be wee-weeing in the toilet in no time!


– Easy up & down

– Hypoallergenic

– Ultra-soft, cloth-like feel

– Premium leg cuffs to prevent leakage

– Flexible fit Plant derived absorbent core liner (beneath acquisition layer)

– Sustainably-harvested fluff pulp

– Made without lotion, latex, or fragrance

– Disposal tape for quick cleanup

Hello Bello Training Pants Reviews

The Hello Bello training pants Li’l barkers is a diaper that helps little ones learn how to potty train. They do not leak after leaving a mess in the diaper. The are very snug & very flexible. My son is 3 and the 3t large training pants fit him great. If they make a mess it is very easy to remove the training pants, just simply rip the sides and that’s how you can remove the diaper. It is very easy for him because he can simply just pull down the training pants to use the restroom. I do not see any allergic reactions which is great!!! I highly recommend these training pants!

C. Waterproof Training Pants

10. Dappi Waterproof 100% Nylon Diaper Pants - (Waterproof Cover Training Pants)


Best waterproof training pants for toddlers

– Durable waterproof nylon

– Soft spandex waist and leg openings provide maximum comfort

– 2 pairs per pack

– Machine washable


4.2 out of 5 – more than 10,100 global ratings

Dappi Waterproof Diaper Pants Reviews

I bought these to use over training pants with our potty-training toddler when we went out of the house, instead of buying disposable pull-ups. We used them a couple of times for that, and they were okay. I decided to try them for their intended use — as diaper covers — with our younger child. I’ve been using velco diaper covers over our prefold diapers, fastened with a snappi. These covers are unexpectedly easy to use and effective. They are a bit poofy, but they flatten down under clothes. I haven’t had a leak yet.


Some parents choose to use disposable training pants or waterproof training pants first during those first few weeks or months of potty training before switching to all-cloth styles.


This is because disposable training pants or waterproof training pants may give more absorbency and prevent accidents and leaks.

Here are a few indicators that your child is ready to begin potty training:

a. Your child has an interest in learning to use the potty. If he notices a family member going to the restroom, he might be curious and asks questions.


b. Your child can understand and say terms like “potty” and “toilet.” He might say something like “my diaper is soiled” or “I need to go pee pee.” Even if his diaper is already filthy or wet, he may tell you he needs to go potty.


c. Your toddler can understand the link between the urge to pee or poop and the need to use the potty.


d. Your child can keep his diaper dry for at least two hours.


e. Your child is capable of removing his own diapers, training pants, and underpants.

Children develop at different rates. A child younger than 12 months of age has no control over bladder or bowel movements. There is very little control between 12 to 18 months. Most children are unable to obtain bowel and bladder control until 24 to 30 months. The average age of toilet training is 27 months. (Source)