Best Swim Diapers for Toddler in USA 2022

Swim diapers are essential for pool and beach days for your little one who isn’t potty-trained yet. Regular diapers won’t work. A regular diaper will quickly become water logged when submerged and the extra weight is likely to make them fall off your baby’s body. 


Swim diapers is designed to withstand water, while at the same time containing any solids from falling out. They aren’t meant to absorb liquid, so they do not hold urine. But swim diapers should be able to keep feces (poop) and infection-causing germs from leaking into the pool.


Swim diapers are available in two varieties: reusable and disposable. Reusable versions are more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and typically last longer, whereas disposable ones allow for a quick change. The best swim diapers let you swim with your baby or toddler worry-free, therefore we have done our research and shortlisted the best for you.


The list is based on search results, recommendations by third party organizations, online reviews and popularity on search results and forums. Here are the best swim diapers for toddler that you can buy over the counter or online today.

Best Swim Diapers for Toddler

1. Alvababy Swim Diapers 2pcs Baby & Toddler Snap One Size Reusable Adjustable (0-2 Years)

ALVABABY swim diapers are made from waterproof 100% polyester PUL outer layer. Elastics waist and legs: Interior Polyester Elastics at the waist and leg openings with soft lycra bindings provides a secure, stretchy fit and easy on and off.


– FASION & STYLISH: A trim and attractive design that has a terrific fit on any baby. It can accommodate a range of different body shapes.


SAVE MONEY & ECO-FRIENDLY: Our reusable cloth swim diapers are designed for families who require premium products. Adjustable for 0-2 years & 0-3 years, our 3×3 snaps adjust around the waist and legs with three different sizes, and three different size adjustments for the height of the baby swim diapers. No disposable swim diaper, save your money in the long run and advocate environmental protection, provide a beautiful environment for the our baby.


– ENJOY SWIMMING: Our swim diapers designed for holding solids,these swim diapers don’t have much absorbency and don’t hold water so that your baby can be incredibly lightweight when swimming. Let your baby swim in style.


4.5 out of 5 – more than 6,150 global ratings
Alvababy Adjustable Swim Diapers Reviews:

2. Beau & Belle Littles Nageuret Reusable Swimming Diaper, Adjustable Sizes N-5 (8-36lbs)

Unlike leading disposable national brand baby swim diapers, our swim diaper is reusable (goodbye carbon footprint) and will last longer than the leading single-size reusable brands because it adjusts between sizes N and 5 in diapers (hello savings)!


– Eco friendly, Superior Quality, Adjustable, Washable & Reusable Swim Diaper: Washable and adjustable between 8-36 lbs, our CPSIA-tested snaps adjust around the waist & legs with three different sizes, and three different size adjustments for the height of the baby swim diapers.


– Waterproof & Stylish: Outer shell is made from a premium soft breathable waterproof 100% PUL polyester cloth fabric featuring cute original prints so your little Beau or Belle can swim in style while preventing mass pool evacuations from floaty friends.



4.7 out of 5 – more than 3,350 global ratings
Beau and Belle Swim Diaper Reviews:

3. i play. by green sprouts Snap Reusable Swim Diaper, UPF 50+ protectio

i play. by green sprouts Snap Reusable Swim Diaper | No other diaper necessary, UPF 50+ protection

Swim and splash with confidence knowing your little one is protected from accidents with our i play swim diaper. Save money and reduce waste compared to disposable diapers.


– EASY-LOCK SIDE SNAPS: Convenient for easy on-and-off and diaper changes.

– UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION: All i play. by green sprouts Swim and Sun Wear offer excellent sun protection by blocking 97.5%-99+% of UV rays.


TRIM, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMFORTABLE DIAPER ENCOURAGES SWIMMING: Baby will move freely during swim lessons without feeling weighed down.

– PATENTED DESIGN IS BREATHABLE, ABSORBENT, AND WATERPROOF: As the original swim diaper manufacturer, our patented triple-layer design offers superior function and comfort.


– NO OTHER DIAPER NECESSARY! ECONOMICAL AND CREATES LESS WASTE: Save money and reduce waste with our machine-washable, reusable swim diaper compared to disposable swim diapers.


4.6 out of 5 – more than 9,750 global ratings
i play. by green sprouts Snap Reusable Swim Diaper for Toddler Reviews:

4. Babygoal Swim Diapers, Adjustable Snaps Fits Babies or Toddlers

Babygoal Baby Swim Diapers, Reusable Adjustable Swim Underwear Fits 0-3T Baby Boys Girls for Baby Gifts and Swimming Lessons

– One Size fit 0-8M Babies:

Generally speaking, babygoal swim diapers with adjustable snaps fits babies or toddlers from 0-8M and grows with your little one. You can adjust the diaper to your desired size (S, M or L) by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the diaper. If your baby has thicker legs, we suggest you to measure the waistline and legline of your baby or purchase a larger size for him/her.


– Premiun Quality & Adorable Designs:

Babygoal swim diapers are of high quality and adorable designs for baby boys and girls. Your baby will be live in fashion with babygoal swim diapers.


– Reusable & Water-proof:

These reusable swim diapers are can be fully machine washable and will get dried faster by the washing machine. The outer layer is made of polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU.


– Save Money & Environmental-Friendly:

Reusable swim diapers are less expensive than disposable swim diapers and reduces less waste. Our swim diapers are completely free of dioxins, sodium polyacrylate and other chemicals, or contain any BPA, Phthalate, Latex or Lead as well.


4.5 out of 5 – more than 3,300 global ratings
Babygoal Swim Diapers, Adjustable Snap Fits Babies or Toddler  Reviews:

5. Pedobi Adjustable Diaper Swim for Toddlers 9 Months - 3 Years Old (3pack)

– Premiun Quality:

Outshell of washable swim diapers is made of soft breathable polyester fabric and inner is 100% nylon mesh fabric, keeping solids inside the baby swimming diaper, no embarrassing accidents in the pool. This fabric is not easy to absorb or hold water so that your baby can swim freely and have more fun!


– Suitable Size & Adjustable Diaper Swim:

Pedobi Reusable swim diapers are with adjustable snaps, it is convenient to adjust the size as needed and more room for baby to grow up. They can be used with your baby from 9 months – 3 years old, suitable weight: 20-40 lbs. Please check the toddler swim diapers size chart carefully before purchase to make sure choose a suitable size for your cute baby.


– Comfortable & Adorable Designs:

Soft elastics of waist and legs provide stretchy fit and easy on and off. The infant swim diapers are relatively comfortable and doesn’t cause chaffing. Pedobi baby swim diapers have more stylish and attractive designs, your baby will be live in fashion and you will enjoy a happy summer.


– Main Function:

This kind of swim diapers for baby are designed to hold solids, not pee. Remember to check them often as the water from the pool may dissolve poop over time, causing leak out problem. While in transit to the pool or toddle around on land, you may consider to use a insert to absorb pee.


– Reusable & Machine wash:

Please wash these swim diapers before first use.These reusable swim diapers are can be fully machine washable and low tumble dry.The temperature in water should under 30°C(less than 88 °F).


4.5 out of 5 – more than 900 global ratings
Pedobi Adjustable Diaper Swim Reviews:

6. Charlie Banana Easy Snaps Reusable and Washable Swim Diaper for Boys or Girls

Our Swim Diapers come in 4 snug sizes. No disposable diaper needed. Go swimming, throw it in the wash and reuse again and again. Some parents love to use them as underwear too. Recommended for day-use only.


– 100% Polyester

– Imported

– Soft: Our ‘signature’ softness comes from Tencel Lyocell, a unique material designed for natural comfort.


– Protection: Wide back elastics and adjustable waist drawstrings that deliver a snug and comfortable fit for your baby. Made with a waterproof outer layer, and super soft, highly absorbent Tencel Lyocell inside.

– Giving Back: We commit 1% of our sales to 1% For The Planet to tackle climate change and support environmental causes.


4.6 out of 5 – more than 180 global ratings
Charlie Banana Easy Snaps Reusable and Washable Swim Diaper  Reviews:

7. Hudson Baby Unisex Swim Diapers

Hudson Baby swim diapers are optimal for your little one when playing in the sun, using the pool, going to the beach, and for any outdoor water activities. Our swim diapers are eco-friendly because they are reusable for regular use for water activities. Our swim diapers will make water activities with your little one more convenient, sanitary, and help reduce risk of diaper rashes.


– 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

– Imported

– Set includes two swim diapers

– Eco-friendly, reusable swim diaper

– UPF 50+ sun protection

– Premium, high-end washable, waterproof swim diaper

– Affordable, high quality swim diaper


4.6 out of 5 – more than 150 global ratings
Hudson Baby Unisex Swim Diaper Reviews:

8. Thirsties Reusable Swim Diaper

Thirsties Swim Diaper is a trimmed-up beach or pool-ready version of our popular Duo Wrap and meets the requirements of most public pools

– Outer: 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate, Inner: 100% polyester

– Made in USA

– Thirsties swim diaper is a trimmed-up beach or pool ready version of our reliable and popular Duo Wrap diaper cover


– Trim cut and soft mesh interior allows baby to swim in comfort and style

– Thirsties signature leg gussets help keep dirty messes contained

– Hip snaps help prevent wing droop on the smaller settings

– Waterproof outer shell with soft mesh interior – no absorbency to weight baby down

Thirsties Reusable Swim Diaper Reviews:

9. Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers (Size S - L)

Best disposable swim diapers for babies

Pampers Splashers disposable swim diapers are perfect for the beach, pool, or any water activity your baby loves. Splashers are designed to be gender-neutral for both boys and girls to use.


– Perfect for the beach, pool, or any water activity

– Protects while they play with 360 degree Gap-Free Fit waistband

– Doesn’t swell in water like regular diapers for comfy water wear

– Contains mess with Dual Leak-Guard Barriers for worry-free water play

– Easy off when wet with Easy-Tear Sides

– Pack of two featuring swimwear-style graphics with cute beach characters

– New look! Packaging & Product may vary


Size chart

Small 13–24 lb.

Medium 20–33 lb.

Large 31–40 lb.


4.8 out of 5 – more than 11,100 global ratings
Pampers Swim Diapers for Toddler Reviews:

10. Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimming Diapers (Size 3-6)

Enjoy worry-free water fun & let your baby make a splash with Huggies Little Swimmers Diapers! Made with a unique absorbent material that won’t swell in water like regular diapers, Little Swimmers give your baby a comfortable fit wet or dry. 

– Double Leak Guards fit snugly around baby’s legs to help contain messes

– Swim diapers that fit like swimwear with easy open, reclosable sides for an adjustable waistband & quick changes

– Features two Disney·Pixar Finding Nemo designs your child will love in each pack; Disposable swim diapers are fragrance free, lotion free, paraben free, and free of elemental chlorine & natural rubber latex

– Packaging may vary from image shown

Huggies Little Swimmers Size
Our Huggies® Little Swimmers® are offered in sizes 3 – 5/6, with the weight range from 16 – 33+ lbs.
4.8 out of 5 – more than 2,100 global ratings
Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimming Diapers Reviews:


No, they are not designed to be absorbent like regular diapers, and they do not hold urine. Swim diapers only hold in solid feces (poop).

When swimming or playing in a public pool, most toddlers are required to wear a swim diaper. Even if your toddler is potty trained, keep them in a swim diaper for a while to avoid accidents.

No, they don’t work the same way. Regular diapers are absorbent, and are designed to absorb liquid. While swim diapers are not designed to be absorbent, they do not hold urine. Swim diapers only hold solid poop.