Best Milk for Constipated Toddler in USA 2022

Constipation in toddler is a common problem. A constipated child has infrequent bowel movements or hard, dry stools. 


Signs and symptoms of constipation in children:

  • Less than three bowel movements a week
  • Bowel movements that are hard, dry and difficult to pass
  • Pain while having a bowel movement
  • Stomach pain
  • Traces of liquid or pasty stool in your child’s underwear — a sign that stool is backed up in the rectum
  • Blood on the surface of hard stool


Common causes include early toilet training and changes in diet. Moreover, their intolerance to some of the ingredients in the standard milk formula could be the reason of their constipation. Changing formula styles or brands, on the other hand, might make matters worse, especially if done too often. This article will assist you in selecting the Best Milk for Constipated Toddler that you can buy over the counter or online today.

Best Milk for Constipated Toddler in USA

A. Protein Hydrolyzed Formula

In all standard formulations, the protein is not processed at all. They’re exactly the same size as when they first came from the cow which may cause constipation in some babies.


Protein Hydrolyzed Formula is made by breaking down the proteins in cow’s milk formula into small pieces. It requires less processing to absorb, it is good option for some newborns or infants who have difficulty digesting full-size proteins or have a history of digestive problems.

1. Enfagrow Gentlease Toddler Formula

Enfamil Gentlease Toddler Formula, 12 Months and up, Reduces Fussiness, Crying, Gas and Spit-up in 24 Hours, DHA & Choline...

Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Gentlease Fomula contains proteins that are partially broken-down that are easy to digest to ease fussiness, gas and crying. It contains 26 milligrams of brain nourishing omega 3 DHA to assure brain support and rapid development. Moreover, Enfagrow NeuroPro contains expert recommended omega 3 DHA and iron–two building blocks of a toddler’s brain.

– Brain Building DHA

– Eases Fussiness, Gas, & Crying

– Immune Health

4.7 out of 5 – more than 130 global ratings
Enfagrow Gentlease Toddler Formula Review

2. Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Toddler Formula

nutramigen powder toddler formula 12.6 oz Can

Nutramigen LGG Toddler nourishes your toddler’s growth while helping manage an allergy to cow’s milk protein. It is designed with the ever-changing needs of older infants & toddlers in mind (ages 9 to 36 months).


Nutramigen LGG Toddler is hypoallergenic & easy-to-digest, meaning you can help assure your growing toddler gets the healthy nourishment he needs.


– Hypoallergenic: ideal for toddlers with an allergy to cow’s milk protein

– Has calcium & essential vitamins to support strong growth

– LGG Culture: a probiotic that helps support digestive health

– Improved taste for your toddler vs. Nutramigen LGG Infant Formula

– DHA & choline to help support brain development

Nutrimigen with Enflora LGG Toddler Formula Review

3. PediaSure Peptide 1.0 Cal, 24 Count, Complete, Balanced Nutrition for Kids with GI Conditions

A peptide-based formula for oral or tube feeding, specially deigned for kids ages 1-13. PediaSure Peptide has prebiotics and antioxidants (vitamins C & E and selenium) to support the immune system.

– Whey Protein Hydrolysate: Easy to digest

– Available in great-tasting Vanilla and Strawberry flavors and Unflavored

PediaSure Peptide Review

B. A2 Milk Formula

Researchers believe that A2 is the more natural variant of beta casein. Some studies found that people who only drank milk from cows that produce A2 milk had less bloating and indigestion, leading some to believe that A2 milk is a healthier alternative to regular milk.

4. Gerber Good Start Baby Formula Powder, Gentle Supreme, Toddler

An alternative to regular cow’s milk, this drink is made with an exclusive combination of 100% A2 milk, probiotic L.reuteri & prebiotic 2′-FL HMO. A2 milk contains a special, high-quality protein that’s easy to digest. All of our A2 milk comes from cows that are carefully selected & naturally produce only A2 milk.

– NON GMO: Not made with genetically engineered ingredients; no artificial growth hormones* (*no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated & non rbST-treated cows).

– Nutrition for Growing

4.6 out of 5 – more than 200 global ratings
Gerber Good Start Gentle Supreme Toddler Review

5. Serenity A2 formula: A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula

Serenity Kids A2 Organic Whole Milk Toddler Formula Powder, Vitamin and Nutrient Rich, Gluten Free, Grass Fed, 12.7oz (1 C...

Serenity Kids Grass Fed A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula is a nutrient-rich formula that is easy to digest, made with a unique combination of A2 protein, quality fats, carbohydrates, and various essential prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

– Grass Fed Organic A2 Whole Milk
– Nutrient Rich Fats
– Organic Lactose
– Prebiotics (HMOs, GOS, FOS)
– 5 Nucleotides
– DHA & ARA (non hexane extracted)
– Better Vitamin Sources
– Intended for children 12 months+

Serenity A2 Formula reviews:
I tried a couple different formulas before this one and my son wouldn’t take to them. It seemed like he didn’t like the taste. He took this one right away with no hesitation and he has had no tummy problems transitioning to formula from breastmilk. So pleased and highly recommend!

C. Soy Milk Formula

Best soy formula for constipation

Foods that cause constipation are cow’s milk, yogurt, cheese, cooked carrots, and bananas. If your child enjoys milk, consider switching him or her to soy milk, which has been shown to soften stools. (Source)


According to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), cow’s milk formula is still the next best thing to breast milk for the majority of newborns. However, some infants who can’t digest cow’s milk, it is best to avoid cow milk formula and start using soy milk formula.


In addition, if your baby has cow’s milk allergy, best consult a doctor before taking soy formula because some infants with cow’s milk allergy also react to soy.

6. Gerber Good Start Gentle Soy Formula

Made with soy proteins to ease digestion for tiny tummies that are milk or lactose intolerant, this formula is milk & lactose Free with DHA to help support brain & eye development.

– Gerber Goodness: Our foods start with whole ingredients like real fruits, veggies & grains to help nourish your baby right from the start, From infant Formula to baby food to snacks and toddler food

– Nutrition for Growing: like your baby, we’re always growing & learning. More than ever we’re committed to being your partner in parenthood with quality ingredients, nutritious food & expert guidance.

– Lactose Free Nutrition: good start soy formula helps to avoid fussiness & gas due to milk or lactose intolerance for digestive comfort while providing complete nutrition. For babies 9 to 24 months old.

4.8 out of 5 – more than 90 global ratings
Gerber Good Start Gentle Soy Stage 2 Review

7. Similac Go & Grow Soy Based Toddler Drink with Iron

Similac Go & Grow Soy Based Toddler Drink with Iron, 1.37lb container, (Pack of 6)

Similac Go & Grow Soy can help ensure little ones are getting the balanced nutrition necessary for growth and development, with the gentleness of soy to help ease fussiness and gas. Similac has a unique blend of DHA and Lutein important nutrients during this critical time of brain and eye development.


– Only leading brand with no palm olein oil for strong bones

– Support your baby’s developing immune system, brain and eyes, and also helps to build strong bones

D. Goat Milk Formula

Goat Milk formula may be a better formula for children with constipation; this is because goat formula contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides. 


Moreover, It’s possible that goat milk is easier on the stomach. This is because goat milk has fewer micro-proteins than cow milk, which makes it easier for certain people to digest. 


Parents can change their child’s formula from cow’s milk to goat’s milk, however, during the transition, your child may experience certain side effects. And if your children have just stopped breastfeeding and you choose to give them goat’s milk, best to do it under doctor’s supervision.

8. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula

Made with premium Dutch goat milk, Kabrita is easy to digest and is specially created for your 12-24 month (1 to 2-year-old) toddler. Our naturally A2 milk formula will help keep your little one comfortable while supplementing, weaning, or when changing formulas due to tummy troubles.


Kabrita is a great cow milk alternative for children who experience minor issues associated with cow milk consumption. Its mild, sweet taste makes it a popular choice, even among picky eaters. We also use an adapted whey-to-casein protein ratio for even better digestibility.

– No added preservatives, artificial colors and flavors

– Glyphosate pesticide-free certified

4.7 out of 5 – more than 900 global ratings
Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula Review

9 Aussie Bubs Australian Goat Milk-based Toddler Formula

Aussie Bubs Australian Goat Milk-based Toddler Formula, Powder, 28.2 oz

Aussie Bubs Australian Goat Milk-based Powder Toddler Formula is exclusively formulated for toddlers aged 12 to 36 months. Goat milk naturally contains A2 goat protein which supports gentle digestion and may be a good alternative for formula fed toddlers with sensitive tummies.


Made with plant-based Omega-3 (DHA) and Omega-6 (ARA) for premium nutrition. Prebiotics, vitamins and minerals have been added to support your toddler’s growth and development. No maltodextrin, palm oil, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, growth hormones, colors or preservatives. 

10. Kendamil Goat Milk Formula Stage 3

Goat Toddler Milk 800g

Each Kendamil formula, whether it is the goat milk formula or the cow milk formula, is made with a variety of vitamins and minerals, with full cream nutrients. The selenium and natural prebiotics found in Kendamil Goat milk formula are similar to breastmilk – boosting your baby’s immune system.


Made with 100% full cream goat’s milk that is loaded with prebiotics. Kendamil is rich in vitamins—such as iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, simply because Kendamil uses ingredients with naturally occurring vitamins. Additionally, DHA & ARA obtained without hexane extraction is fish oil free, and blended into this formula to support muscle, eye, and brain growth. Kendamil contains NO PALM OIL.


What are the causes of constipation in children?

Constipation may be caused by:
– Ignoring the urge to use the toilet
– Not eating enough fiber
– Not drinking enough fluids
– Switching to solid foods or from breast milk to formula (infants)
– Changes in situation, such as travel, starting school, or stressful events

Medical causes of constipation may include:
– Diseases of the bowel, such as those that affect the bowel muscles or nerves
– Other medical conditions that affect the bowel
– Use of certain medicines