8 Best Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin 2022

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Why Is Baby Skin More Sensitive?

A baby’s skin barrier is immature at birth. Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and they overreact to stresses that normal skin can generally tolerate, and their skin does not mature until they are two years old.


Furthermore, between the ages of birth and two, a baby’s skin is unable to retain the necessary moisture for its cells to function properly.

How to Choose Baby Body Wash?

1. Light, moisturizing body wash

Babies should use a light, moisturizing body wash, according to pediatricians. The pH level should range from 4 to 7. Avoid using an alkaline baby body wash since it will strip their skin of its natural oils, leaving them with dry skin. Body washes for babies are frequently coupled with shampoo. The lacrimal gland of a baby is still undeveloped and youthful. It is tough for them to produce tears to protect their eyes. It is preferable to select a baby body wash with a tear-free formula.


2. Made of natural and non-toxic ingredients

It is preferable for parents to pick a baby body wash that has natural and non-toxic ingredients. The liver and kidneys of the baby are still growing. They are unable to eliminate poisons on their own. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). These compounds have the potential to irritate the skin. The term “hypoallergenic” refers to body washes that are mild on a baby’s skin.


3. Free from Alcohol and Fragrance

Body washes with fragrances should be avoided. Hormone disturbance, skin and respiratory allergies have all been linked to fragrances. This is due to the fact that the word “fragrance” on a label frequently conceals a hazardous combination of numerous substances. Despite their link to plenty of health issues, phthalates are used in perfumes but aren’t stated on labels and aren’t banned for usage.


4. Free from Paraben

Synthetic preservatives are commonly used in infant washes and shampoos, as well as many adult personal care products. Almost all Americans tested positive for them, according to the CDC. They’ve been connected to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, and skin irritation.

Best Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin

1. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo with Organic Calendula

– Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo:
This tear free 2-in-1 formula blends into a rich lather to gently cleanse your baby’s delicate skin and hair leaving it soft and clean

– Moisturizing Baby Wash:
Gently cleans your baby’s delicate skin and hair without drying to help retain moisture

– Soothing Baby Wash:
Calendula from the marigold flower helps soothe, moisturize and soften sensitive skin while leaving a fresh scent

– Cethapil Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin:
Dermatologist tested to be safe and gentle, these formulas are also hypoallergenic and free from parabens, colorants and mineral oil that can irritate baby’s skin

4.8 out of 5 – more than 950 global ratings
Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo Reviews
I’ve been using this stuff for years!! I still use it on my almost 5 year old. He has sensitive skin and this doesn’t bother him at all!! The scent is amazing. It’s such a nice light scent and we just love it!!! I’m not a fan of strong smelling baby/kid nosy washes but this stuff is amazing!!!

2. Aveeno Baby Sensitive Skin Body Wash

– Aveeno Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin
Baby shampoo and body wash is from Aveeno, a pediatrician recommended brand. It is specially formulated to be gentle enough for babies sensitive skin. The formula is tear-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, sulfate-free, phenoxyethanol-free and phthalate-free. It also rinses clean without drying and leaves behind a light, fresh fragrance

– Baby Body Wash for Soft Skin
Aveeno baby cleansing wash and shampoo can be used every day to help keep your baby’s skin and hair feeling soft, smooth while feeling and looking healthier. To use, dispense onto a wet washcloth or hand and apply to hair and body. Lather and rinse

– Body Wash for Moisture
The rich, lathering baby body wash and shampoo formula contains natural oat extract, which is known to soothe and nourish delicate skin

4.8 out of 5 – more than 12,150 global ratings
Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo Reviews
My daughter is three and we’ve used this shampoo/body wash for over one year now. Her skin is very sensitive and this wash has done a great job of being gentle on her skin without causing any irritation or drying. The light nature of the fragrance is also a nice touch (especially for sensitive babies). Overall, t’s a well-balanced wash that we’ll continue to use for our daughter.

3. Dove Hypoallergenic Baby Wash, Fragrance Free

– Baby Wash for Eczema Prone Skin:
Baby Dove Fragrance Free Moisture Hypoallergenic Baby Wash (20 oz.) is a gentle, fragrance free baby wash that’s suitable for eczema-prone skin.

– Safety Tested:
Our caring baby wash and shampoo formulas are created without dyes, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates and ophthalmologist, dermatologist, and pediatrician tested.

– Nourishing Baby Wash:
Made with 100% skin-natural nutrients, which are nutrients identical to those naturally found in skin, and prebiotic moisture to support baby’s skin natural health.

– Gentle Baby Wash:
The rich, creamy lather of this sensitive baby wash leaves baby’s skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. It’s also effective as a handwash.

– Hypoallergenic Skin Care:
Gentle enough for newborn’s first bath, our tear-free and hypoallergenic baby wash helps take the stress out of baby bath time.

4.8 out of 5 – more than 9,550 global ratings
Dove Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin Reviews
I’m telling you what! Another mom on Facebook said something about dove baby products so i decided to give them a try. Everett has such sensitive dry skin like her dad and we’ve been battling this full body eczema rash for over a month now (gave her oatmeal baths, breastmilk baths, lathered her in other lotions, coconut oil… I’ve tried everything) i bathed her in this Dove sensitive baby wash then lathered her up in the lotion before bed and her rash is gone! Seriously no dry patches anywhere on her body 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 and she’s super soft nearly 24 hours after application

4. Aquaphor Baby Wash and Shampoo

– 2-in-1 Solution for Baby’s Sensitive Skin
Mild 2 in 1 solution is specially designed for your baby’s sensitive skin, and is clinically proven to be gentle on baby’s skin and scalp

– Gentle Formula:
Unscented baby shampoo and body wash is tear free, and is enriched with Chamomile essence and Provitamin B5 to soothe and cleanse. It is also free of parabens and preservatives, and comes in a convenient pump bottle for one-handed use

– Pediatrician Recommended:
This pediatrician recommended fragrance free baby shampoo and body wash cleanses with a light lather that rinses easily

4.8 out of 5 – more than 4,750 global ratings
Aquaphor Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin Reviews
Great for sensitive and eczema prone skin.
My daughter has eczema since 1 month old and we’ve have since been using this product. She is 1 now. This took away her rashes along with the aquaphor ointment. We tried switching to aveeno bath wash and her skin was getting irritated within about 2 uses so of course we returned to this bath wash. It’s non scented which is good because there’s no extra ingredients put in for scents that could irritate the skin. My pediatrician and family members recommended this brand.

5. Johnson's Baby CottonTouch Newborn Body Wash & Shampoo

– Johnson Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin:
13.6-fluid ounce bottle of Johnson’s CottonTouch Newborn Baby Body Wash & Shampoo with real cotton and No More Tears technology designed for your newborn baby’s sensitive skin
Blended with real cotton, this ultra-light and gentle 2-in-1 shampoo and bath wash is specifically designed for newborn skin to leave it clean, moisturized, touchably soft

– Baby Extra Care
The light velvety lather of this shampoo and cleansing baby wash gently washes away dirt and germs and rinses clean with no residue as it leaves your baby’s skin soft. Built for your baby’s skin, which is up to 30% thinner and needs extra care

– Gentle Baby Wash Formula
With a tear-free formula, this hair shampoo and body wash won’t irritate your baby’s delicate eyes during bath time. Our safety assurance process is designed to meet or exceed governmental regulatory cosmetic standards around the world

– Johnson Sensitive Baby Wash
Blended with real cotton, this ultra-light and gentle 2-in-1 shampoo and bath wash is specifically designed for newborn skin to leave it clean, moisturized, touchably soft

4.8 out of 5 – more than 4,550 global ratings
Johnson’s Baby CottonTouch Newborn Body Wash & Shampoo Reviews
This is the best smelling baby wash I have ever smelled! I received a free sample with my baby registry, and I ran out and bought a full sized bottle the first time I used it. It doesn’t irritate my baby’s sensitive skin either! I will continue to purchase this in the future, both for my baby and as gifts to my expecting friends!

6. Pipette Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

– Tear Free / Hypoallergenic Baby Wash:
Pipette vanilla & ylang ylang Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is formulated with clean, plant-derived ingredients. It gently cleanses your baby’s hair and delicate skin without drying or causing irritation. Add it to your baby essentials.

– Nurture Baby’s Skin:
Soft on skin Pipette baby body wash and shampoo are newborn essentials. Moisturize baby’s skin with plant-derived glycerin, a natural hydrating ingredient. Use our baby soap and shampoo for an all-over, safe & gentle clean.

– Restore the Natural Balance:
Hydrate and protect with renewable, sugarcane-derived moisturizing superhero squalane. This natural hydrating ingredient in our baby wash and shampoo helps to restore the natural balance of baby’s delicate skin.

– Sensitive Baby Wash:
Baby’s sensitive skin will love this vanilla & ylang ylang baby shampoo and body wash. No sulfates or toxic ingredients are ever used in our baby wash or baby products. A sensitive baby wash suitable for all babies.

4.6 out of 5 – more than 1,950 global ratings
Pipette Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Reviews
Love this body wash/shampoo. Wanted something that could lather but was gentile for my toddlers sensitive skin (dry/mild eczema) and this is perfect. She also has a lot of hair and this works great as a shampoo, also bought the conditioner to go along with it. Mild scent. Wish they had a larger size.

7. Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby 2-in-1 Shampoo & Wash

– 100% Good for Your Baby:
This shampoo and body wash gently cleanses and moisturizes the hair, scalp and skin. Perfect for newborns, babies, kids and adults. Fragrance-Free. EWG Verified.

– Formulated to Clarify the Hair and Skin:
This 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash is specifically developed with natural oat protein, shea and cocoa butter to help the skin regain its softness and comfort. Enriched with Babo’s organic Nutri-Soothe Complex.

– Plant-based, Organic Enriched Formula:
Specially formulated with naturally-derived ingredients including organic calendula to help soothe and nourish scalp and dry patches.

– No Harsh Chemicals or Irritants:
Hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and clinically tested under dermatological and pediatric control. Rated number #1 in safety by Environment Working Group (EWG) for your baby’s health. Gluten, soy and dairy free. Made in USA and B Corp Certified.

– Gentle Enough for Daily Use:
Pour a few drops in hands and lather. Gently wash baby’s body, scalp, and hair. Avoid eye area. Rinse.

4.7 out of 5 – more than 1,550 global ratings
Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Wash and Shampoo Reviews

We’ve been using Babo Botanicals on our baby since he came home from the hospital. He’s eczema-prone, and this has helped keep it under control.

It is indeed unscented, which is better for baby’s skin, and the ingredients are sensitive-skin friendly. My elderly mother has taken to using these products as well too.

It is not cheap, but the bottle lasts a long time.

8. CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo

– Developed With Pediatric Dermatologists, No Nasties & Tear-free:
This gentle, tear-free, non-irritating bathtime product is a 2-in-1 baby shampoo and body wash that is free of fragrance, parabens, dyes, phthalates, and sulfates.

– Daily Baby Skin Care:
Mild body wash and shampoo for babies forms a mild foam as you lather into skin and rinses clean with no residue, leaving skin feeling hydrated and fresh, not stripped of moisture.

– Hydrating Baby Body Wash & Shampoo:
Formulated with 3 Essential Ceramides to reinforce baby’s skin barrier, Hyaluronic Acid to help retain skin’s moisture, and Vitamin E to provide soothing. Cleanse skin without disrupting baby’s skin barrier.

– CeRave Baby Wash for Sensitive Skin and Eczema:
Accepted by the National Eczema Association which only accepts products that have satisfied criteria for use for those with eczema or sensitive skin condition.

– 3 Essential Ceramides:
Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. Lipids like ceramides fill in the gaps between skin cells so baby’s skin can seal in moisture and keep impurities out.

4.7 out of 5 – more than 17,350 global ratings
CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo Reviews
My youngest has the most sensitive skin ever. We tried Cetaphil, Avenno, Johnsons baby wash,….all gave him rashes. This is the only thing i will ever use on my kids. I tried switching back to the yellow Johsnon wash and it burnt me. This leaves a nice barrier on our skin for moisture. LOVE this. I would recommend to anyone with skin issues. Fixed my youngest skin in 2 days.


A bath 2-3 times a week will enough to keep your baby clean. However, if your baby enjoys showers, you can bathe him or her once a day. Bathing your baby more than this can dry up their skin.

Warm water and cotton wool can be used to keep your baby’s genitals clean in between bathing.

A newborn bath should last about 5-10 minutes especially for babies with sensitive or dry skin.

Bathing a baby can be done at any time of the day that is convenient for you. Some parent prefer do bathtime before bedtime for relaxation. Others like do morning baths when their babies are alert. However, is if you’re going to bathe your baby after a feeding, wait a few minutes for his or her stomach to settle.
Lavender, vanilla, or chamomille scents may be calming for babies. These scents are recognized to have calming and soothing properties, they can be found in a some baby bath products. However, some babies may have a very sensitive skin, always do patch testing before using a scented wash on them.