About Us

There are millions of blogs out there. Why another one? It is clear from browsing around social media, wellness related advertisements and popular healthcare marketing sites that there is a lot of myths, misinformation and conflicting recommendations being spread. A layperson or an average consumer will tend to have problems navigating through all the jargons, differentiating between non-evidence based junks, controversies, propaganda and good unbiased quality information. With overwhelming online information available in this day and age, we know that consumers are vulnerable without the support of an independent consumer-centric healthcare professional network.


We are a group of healthcare and business professionals who are passionate about wellness, regenerative medicine and skincare related products and services. With all the misinformation out there on the internet, we realised that we are not leveraging on our extensive experience, professional expertise and insider knowledge and experience to solve this common ‘too much and mis-information’ problem.

We try to make it a little easier for consumers to understand what they read on the internet. One Day Advisor was founded to empower you as a consumer, to make not only an informed decision but a wise one as well.


The idea of the One Day Advisor network was started to guide you as a consumer; in making the right and safe decision. With the help of like-minded partners, we are doing what we can, in our small way to achieve this goal. We hope you’ll join us in this effort.

We provide independent consumer guides to inform and educate readers on wellness related topics and is dedicated for the everyday layman. 


Our Network

One Day Advisor is a network of independent consumer-centric wellness and parenting information sites. One Day Advisor group has been providing healthcare information for over 10 years. Fulfilling our role in the 21st century has meant harnessing digital channels to deliver high-value information to consumers. 

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Feel free to contact us at info[at]aestheticsadvisor[dot]com for any enquiries or collaboration.